AA Grading

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Relaxed Crocodile
Cheeky Crocs!
Croc Basking
Adult Nile Croc
More Nile Crocs!
Young female near nesting site
Baby croc pool and pathway

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Crocodile Sanctuary at Kwena Gardens

Situated at the entrance of the Sun City Is Kwena Gardens - a large scenic crocodile sanctuary and is home to over 7000 crocodiles including Arnold, one of the biggest captive Nile crocodiles in the world!

Educational videos shown in our Auditorium and Guided tours and are also available for those die hard nature enthusiasts and groups. Alternatively, just walk the path at your own leisure enjoying the sights and sounds while you get some great Crocodile and bird photographs!

For an extremely unique experience, feed the crocodiles yourself or enjoy our daily feeding show at 16h30 (weather permitting!).

The Crocodile Sanctuary is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. all year round.